For too many businesses, too many manufacturers, too many people, security is an afterthought. What’s the use of being connected to everything if our data, our identities and our transactions aren’t secure?

From more than twenty-five years of protecting millions of computers around the globe, from the first malware to the latest targeted attack, we know this for sure: you will be hit. The only question is if you will recover and come back stronger.


360° Protection

It takes a combination of the latest human expertise and continuously improving technology to comprehensively predict, prevent, detect and respond to threats.
Rest easy – F-Secure’s holistic portfolio of cyber security solutions will cover all of your organization’s cyber security needs.
Our extensive human knowledge and insight, combined with smart software and cutting edge AI, merge into a single entity, dedicated to protecting you.
This is Live Security.

Be prepared for anything

You can be attacked from anywhere, at any time. The volume and severity of cyber threats keep increasing
almost exponentially, and hackers are constantly evolving. Don’t worry – so are we.

Find out why F-Secure has the best protection in the world.

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